Where do we go now?

The pandemic brought setbacks, in life and career.

Our society faces great divides – a need to bridge matters of equity and social justice.

Inside each of us are dilemmas to be resolved. Decisions to be made.

Determining where to go next … begins with coming together now.

It begins with you joining fellow professionals with ambitions and ideas and untapped potential… ready to make changes.

Be Ready to Make News

— New discoveries about self
— New progress in career
— New connections and networks and friends

Become part of Women Making News … a new nonprofit initiative to lift up, empower and fast-track women in their journey to a more rewarding career and life.

Women Making News is a dual offering:

FREE Monthly Online Broadcasts

“WMN LIVE!” each with an accomplished woman guest speaker. In just a half an hour, you’ll gain insights into how to develop personally and professionally to bring about meaningful, lasting change. ALL ARE WELCOME to join, no matter how you identify.

Optional Coaching (1-to-1 or as a group)

Topics include:
— working through complexity and change
— gaining or regaining confidence
— navigating transitions in career and life
— surmounting the obstacles in your way
— identifying where you want to be – and how to get there

Organized by Professional Women

Women Making News was organized by professional women who are passionate about helping others claim the careers and lives they want – and deserve.
The broadcasts and coaching are open to any and all who seek a new path forward and a new way of pursuing it.
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